Cryptocat Bug Hunt

Help make Cryptocat safer, get rewards and eternal greatness!

February 21st, 2013 Cryptocat is launching a bug hunt and we need your help! Look through our source code and squish security bugs. You'll be helping make free, open source software more secure and you'll get t-shirts, stickers, money and a mention on our Wall of Unquestionable Greatness!

Source code repositories:

What we're looking for

We're looking for any bug maliciously impacts the security of our users, within the confines of our threat model. XSS bugs, crypto implementation bugs, arbitrary code execution and so on. Bigger bugs get bigger rewards, but all good bugs will be rewarded!

How do I report bugs?

We strongly believe in full disclosure. Please file a bug report on our GitHub repository. If you'd rather be private (there's no need!) email nadim at crypto cat.

Bug squishers are forever enshrined on Cryptocat's...

Wall of Unquestionable Greatness