Commitments to the Cryptocat User

Thank you for considering Cryptocat. Since 2011, the project's goal has been to provide easy, fun and private chat to anyone in the world who cares to ask for it, regardless of any technical background. In March 2016, Cryptocat was rewritten and re-released. It is now presented along with this special commitment to you, the Cryptocat user.

Free software, forever

Cryptocat will always be free software, released under the GNU General Public License. This means that anyone will always be able to fully review the source code underlying the Cryptocat client. Furthermore, there will never be any commercial offshoot of this software, and it will always exist for its own sake. As such, there will be no incentive or motive for the software to grow, to acquire more users, or to in any way compete with other software. Its only goal is to exist as good software for those who ask for it.

Organizations exist to help software authors establish a maintainable and prosperous free software model. If you are interested in adapting this model into your own project, we recommend looking into Open Tech Strategies, an organization that Cryptocat has worked with in the past and that provides expert advice and services to help organizations adapt to the advantages of open source methodology.

Respect for your privacy

Cryptocat encrypts all of your communications before they leave your computer: the service provider is unable to access them, even if they wanted to. While the Cryptocat servers still receive information regarding your buddy list and linked devices, we commit to protecting this information to the best of our ability.

In terms of the Cryptocat client itself, in addition to technical safeguards such as forward secure encryption, certificate pinning, code signing, open source publication and so on, we pledge that the code that protects the privacy of your communications shall not be tampered with.

No donations, no contributions

Cryptocat will not accept any financial donations or labor contributions (such as pull requests) into the Cryptocat software. Of course, this does not mean that you are discouraged from examining Cryptocat source code and suggesting improvements or fixes. The only donations Cryptocat will accept are to help pay back yearly infrastructure costs to run the service. These fundraisers are only held publicly, once a year and each fundraiser will detail the cost running the Cryptocat service accrued for that year.

By using Cryptocat, you are entrusting the software with your private information. We take this trust seriously.

About Cryptocat

Since 2011, Cryptocat software has been written by Nadim Kobeissi. I would also like to express sincere acknowledgments to the following individuals, listed in random order:

Cryptocat is also powered by Electron, Prosody, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Microsoft Azure and Node.js.

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